Investing Policy & Terms

Last Updated: February 3, 2023

Overflow Global Ministries is a community of Christians who believe that God’s miraculous power can and does intervene upon natural situations and circumstances. Although we pray for miracles in economies and investments, Overflow board members, leaders, and management are neither financial advisors nor investment consultants and in no way represent ourselves as such. Any investment or opportunity considered by church staff, members, non-members, or guests are done so independently of Overflow management. We do not make financial recommendations or endorsements.

Further, it is against Overflow policy to promote or solicit investment opportunities on Overflow premises, or to represent any investment as being endorsed or suggested by Overflow board members, leaders, management, or its members. Recommendations from any person on Overflow premises are solely that of the individual and in no way reflect endorsements or suggestions on the part of Overflow leadership.

Overflow strongly recommends that you seek expert investment advice from qualified professionals before considering any form of investment. ​


If you have any questions about our investing terms, please contact us at:

Overflow Global
P.O. Box 1673
Oklahoma City, OK 73101