Welcome to Overflow.

Our Mission

Overflow is a church of God’s presence and power that exists to inspire personal faith, genuine community and citywide transformation.

We are a new Presence-based, Spirit-filled church.

We are focused on creating a culture to host the glory of God.

We love the city and people of Oklahoma City.

Our Core Values

Centrality of Jesus

The exaltation of Jesus as King and the commitment to His Kingdom is above everything else.

Presence of God

We must have the experiential, immersive presence of God and recognize that without Him in our midst we can do nothing.

Holy Spirit Power

The empowering presence of the Holy Spirit marks us as God’s people and manifests Himself through signs, wonders, and miracles.

Equip & Activate

Discipleship transforms you into the image of Jesus and happens through personal devotion, corporate worship, and activating your faith.

Intentional Community

We are committed to loving one another in spiritual and practical ways to build a culture encouraging each other to pursue Jesus.

Cultural Transformation

We believe God’s power flows through His people by faith and we are empowered to build the Kingdom of God on the earth as it is in Heaven.

Overflow’s Commitment

Teach you how to live as a habitation of God’s presence.

Ignite your faith to step out and walk in God’s power.

Equip you to grow as a true disciple of Christ – challenging you to look more like Jesus every day.

Launch you into what God has for you by encouraging the use of your gifts.

Press-in for citywide revival, an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and cultural transformation.

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